Our approach is a little different: We work with you to come up with a design plan built around pieces you already have. We’ll help you find your home’s hidden potential, reflect your personal story in your surroundings, and build your confidence in your own taste and abilities, giving you the courage and permission to break “the rules.” We'll decide together what to keep, what to let go, and what to add to make your space look and feel its best. We want to help you create beautiful spaces that reflect who you are and how you live. We want you to love the home you’re in.


Below are a few examples of services we've provided. If none of these feels exactly right, we're happy to tailor something to your unique needs. No matter what level of service you choose, we’ll communicate with you throughout the process to make sure we’re on the right track. 


design plan + sourcing + installation

We'll start by meeting with you to make sure we understand your wants and needs. We'll then get to work developing a design plan based on what we've heard you say.

Depending on your wants and needs, this might include a whole-room/house color palette, recommendations for paint colors, advice on finishes, a furniture layout, lighting suggestions, furnishings and decor options, and consultation on artwork.

We'll present the design plan to you for feedback. Once we're all on the same page, we'll 
source and shop for potential furnishings, artwork, and decor items. Throughout the process we’ll collaborate with you, sharing ideas and seeking your input.

Once everything has been purchased and delivered, we'll come to your home and install it.  

This is the most dramatic and impactful option—you get the Big Reveal! It's the whole enchilada.

Starting at $3500 per room

we'll move things around

This one is sort of like that Food Channel show where the guy comes to your house, looks in your pantry and figures out how you can make a great meal with what you have on hand.

We’ll come over, roll up our sleeves and start pushing things around. Maybe this chair looks better over there. Maybe that piece of artwork has more impact on the mantel instead of in the entry. Maybe these vintage pottery pieces are just what that shelfie needs.

No plan, no purchases, no waiting. A few hours + a little (temporary) mayhem = more beautiful, functional living.

$1500 for up to 8 hours 


design plan + furnishings suggestions

Available virtually


Send us photos or a video of your space and furnishings, along with measurements.


We’ll then work with you to develop a design plan. This may include ideas for paint colors, a suggested furniture layout, and options for furnishings and decor.


You’ll receive a written plan with visuals and some style guidance for furniture and decor.


Once we’ve delivered the plan, you implement it in your own way at your own pace. This option saves you some money because instead of us rolling up our sleeves, you'll roll up yours and work a little DIY magic.

(And when we say DIY, we mean call your bestie to come over and help because sofas are heavy. We want you to enjoy your sofa, not have to lay on it later because you’ve hurt yourself.)

Starting at $2000 per room

design consultation 
Available virtually

We'll walk through your home with you and make suggestions. Lots and lots of suggestions.

These might include color palette, furniture rearrangement, styling ideas for a fireplace mantel or shelves...whatever it takes for your home to look and feel its best.

We’re going to do a lot of pointing and maybe draw a furniture layout on a small napkin or something because in this option we’re just sharing our thoughts and ideas.

$395 for up to two hours

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Each project is unique. The size of your room(s), how many products we're researching and sourcing, your art needs and preferences, specific challenges of the space itself—all of these and more affect how much your job will cost. If you'd like us to work up a detailed estimate, we can do this as part of your project at our regular hourly rate.

Design services

Our design services are billed at $95 per man-hour. Design services include meetings, planning, preparing visuals, client communication, sourcing/shopping for furnishings & decor, installation if applicable—essentially, all of the things we do on your behalf excluding the cost of furnishings & decor. 

Furnishings and decor

We don't mark up furnishings and decor. If we purchase pieces on your behalf, the price you pay is the price
we pay.